Friday, February 27, 2009

4 new posts!

I am once again trying to catch up. I have to confess that I am now on facebook, and I have been spending my free time(not that I have a lot of that) on there reconnecting with high school and college friends! Holden turns 10 months March 8 so I need to post his 9 month stuff before that! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! :)


"Adair Flair" said...

Loved all of the new posts! Holden is a doll! It is so good to see ya'll on here!

D said...

great posts missy! love all the pictures and i like your new background. holden is a QT!

Witcher Family said...

Good to see you and Holden today! I'm promise I'm working on Tripp's aggresiveness!!! Can't wait til the next time!