Wednesday, February 25, 2009

8 months(january 8)

Holden was 8 months old on January 8. He weighed almost 19 lbs. and as between 27.5 and 28 inches. This was a BIG month for Holden.
*He cut 3 teeth between the second and third week.
*He began drinking formula only which led to him holding his own bottle. It was so cute seeing him do this the first few times.(although it made mommy a little sad)
*He began moving all over the place by scooting on his bottom.
*He learned to get in sitting position from his tummy.
*He began babbling a lot more to us and to his toys.(dada is still the only word we've heard)
*He loves to growl at us, his toys, and random people in public.
*He started pulling up in his bed and on other objects.
AND the biggest change was.................SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!
After about 5 months, this was a huge change!! His nights had gotten progressively worse and had gotten to the point where he was waking up every 20-40 minutes from 7:30pm to 7:00am. I have to admit that it was tough being up that much at night and trying to function during the days. I did it though and am thankful that the Lord gave me the strength and patience to do it as long as I did. I did enjoy lots of cuddle time with my Holden during that time, but we both needed more sleep. He is doing great now and has even began to nap better. I love being a mommy and wouldn't trade any moment, tough or not!
Love this face!!
Holding his own bottle

"I LOVE my bat!"

helping with the laundry

chillin' with his toys and watching mickey mouse

playing with his good friend Anna Claire

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