Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bumbo, jumparoo, and bouncy time!!

Baby boy is enjoying play time these days. He likes his bumbo because he wants to sit up on his own. His friends monkey and cookie play with him a lot! He loves them!

"Yes, cookie. You are my favorite friend, but don't tell monkey!!"

"You talkin' to me???"
Other pics...

Friday, September 26, 2008

A little sad......(my daddy's birthday)

I contemplated blogging about this because it is a rather personal thing, and I try to only blog about Holden and other happy things. However, I thought this could be a good way for me to release what I am feeling and be able to deal with it a little easier. "My therapy" I guess you could say. September 27 would have been my daddy's 56th birthday(young, I know). He went on to Heaven on November 26 of last year, and it has been hard to deal with at times and this occasion is one of those hard times. My daddy was a wonderful daddy and friend! I have the best memories of him! He was a very involved daddy and always made time to do things with me. I was a daddy's girl....his hugs could make the worst hurts somehow feel better. November was a tough month and watching my big, strong daddy become so frail was one of the hardest things. We had some good visits over that month. I kick myself a lot with "if i had only" or "i should have done..." Losing him was the toughest thing I have ever experienced. The thought of never seeing him again takes my breath and hurts like nothing has ever hurt before. But, I know that it is a part of life. I think the hardest thing for me is knowing Holden will never know his pops! Daddy was so excited about becoming pops...he would tell anyone in the hospital that I was pregnant, although I was barely showing. He talked about what all he wanted to do with his grand baby and he would be loving every minute with Holden now. I do see my daddy each time I look at my precious little boy because Holden has his eyes, just like me. I know daddy watches over us and that it is a little selfish of me to want him here on Earth, but I am only human. Sometimes a girl needs her daddy, even when she is all grown up. But, I do know that he is in a much better place, where he no longer hurts and can play all the golf he wants and watch all the football he wants, and I bet he is talking the ear off of anyone who will sit still long enough. I have peace in knowing that I will see him again one day. Anyways, I could go on and on but I don't want to get bogged down. I love and miss him very much!!

This is a picture taken Christmas 2006,
which was our last Christmas together. It was such a good holiday!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Holden was invited to his very first birthday party!! It was Mary Martin Booker's 2nd birthday and the party was at Pump It Up. For those of you who do not know Mary Martin, she is a little miracle!! Her mom Deidre, who is a great friend of mine, developed HELP syndrome and had to deliver MM at 29.5 weeks ,and we almost lost both of them. That was one of the scariest times in my life, and I am thankful that they are both great now!! MM weighed a whopping 2 lbs. and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. But thanks to a lot of prayer, she is a smart and healthy little girl and a great blessing in all our lives!!!

At her 2nd birthday party Holden had a great time and did so well!! He even made some new friends!! He was especially intrigued by Keegan, a precious little boy who is about two weeks younger than him. Mary Martin had a big time sliding and jumping, and of course, Deidre had the cutest invitations, decorations, cake, and party favors! We had a great time guys!! Thanks for inviting us!!
Below are some pictures from the party.

Friday, September 19, 2008


O.K. so I am a little late posting this, but Sunday, Sept. 14 was Jack's birthday! My parents, Holden, and I had Rendezvous ribs fed exed to Jackson as a surprise for him. It is hard to surprise him, but I think we did a good job. I made him take a picture eating his ribs to capture the moment. The ribs were sooooo good!! Here are some pictures from Jack's day!

Jack, I hope you know how much I love you and how thankful I am to be your wife!! Holden is very lucky to have you as his daddy, too!! We hope you had a great birthday!!!
Breakfast with Holden

Enjoying his ribs

Feeding Holden

3-2: What a game!!!

Last weekend, we headed back to Starkville for the game. Our friends, Deidre, George Robert, and Mary Martin Booker stayed the weekend with us, along with another friend, Shari. The Bookers are Auburn Tiger fans and this made year number three that we attended this particular match up together. Ofcourse, the Walters and Shari are Dawg fans and we were so disappointed with the outcome. It was a great defensive showdown between the two teams and we had a chance to beat them. However, they ended up with a victory. The atmosphere at the game was the best it has been in a long time. Hopefully, we'll get things turned around tomorrow at GA Tech. Mary Martin and Holden stayed at the house with my mom(thanks grammy!!) so we could all go tailgate and go to the game. Here are some pictures of them. Instead of the saying a house divided, this is a friendship divided. I have to say though, Mary Martin almost made me want to cheer War Eagle when she walked out in her precious uniform! They are too cute!!!

Mary Martin says, "WAR EAGLE!!"

First photo attempt- they are too cute!!

The best we could do with a 4 month old and two year old.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

4 months old- September 8

4 months old- 15lbs and 11.5 ounces

Holden was 4 months old on September 8. He has the best little personality and is starting to discover a lot of things around him. He is so strong and wants to sit up so badly! His new things are blowing bubbles, playing with his monkey and cookie monster, playing with his newly found feet, and talking nonstop in the cutest little voice. He seems to learn something new every day. We think the prevacid is beginning to help him with the reflux. When he feels good, he just plays and giggles!! Can't believe it has already been 4 months, but they have been wonderful!!! Happy 4 months lil man!!! You are loved sooooooooo much!!

Cutie pie!! OUR greatest blessing!!

Loving his cereal!!

Chillin' with his new friend cookie! He LOVES him!!

Watching football--he LOVES it!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Yum!! Yum!! Cereal is good!

Holden had his first cereal feeding Sunday night. Due to his reflux, he now takes prevacid, and we give it to him in his cereal. At first, he was a little hesitant, but quickly decided he liked it. He did so good and was so precious! We kept with the theme of the weekend by wearing a MSU bib(thanks Bootsie!) when he ate.

At the beginning of his feeding.....

At the end of his feeding...he loved it!! How cute is that face???

We love this little boy so much!!

Big Weekend

We had been looking forward to our first MSU game for so long because it would be Holden's first MSU experience. Poor baby and I ended up at the doctor's office Friday morning because he hadn't been able to eat or sleep well for most of the week. One thing I know about baby boy is that he LOVES to eat! So, when he couldn't and cried because he wanted to, we knew something was up. He has been on medicine for a while for reflux and it had helped most of the time. Well, the reflux has gotten worse and we have stepped it up on the meds(Prevacid). Hopefully, once it gets in his little system soon, he will be better. While we were there, she went ahead and gave him the first round of his second shots. So, now the reflux and shots made him not feel well. But, sweet little man still charmed the ladies at Walgreens when we went to get his medicine! Needless to say he was worn out by the time we headed to Starkville. All mommy wanted was for him to feel better! Well, bless his little heart...we gave him malox and tylenol and he went to sleep at about 8:45 and slept until 4 am!!!!!!! I checked to make sure he was breathing a few times because he was so sound asleep. He and I both needed that!! :)
We got up and while I got ready to go tailgate, Jack and Holden watched college game day together on ESPN. I got the cutest pics of them!! Meme and Bossy also played with Holden while we were getting ready. I must say, Holden looked extremely cute in his MSU outfit. We walked around and introduced him to lots of friends and by game time, he was exhausted. He wouldn't nap all day because he was watching everything that was going on. He was so good although the only pics we got of him make it look like he was not interested. Hopefully we will get some better pictures of him this weekend. Meme took him back to their house and we stayed and watched the Dawgs win.(THANK GOD!) Here are some pictures from our trip.
My boys watching college gameday.
Mommy and her Little Bulldog!

Family Pictures

Uncle Brad and Holden-
(Brad is Jack's good friend, and he has been so sweet to Holden!)

Uncle Brad, Holden, and Maren

Sunday with Meme on the swing- Poor baby was worn out!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

15 weeks-August 28

15 weeks old
Little man weighed 14 pounds 10 ounces on his 15 week birthday. He is so precious!! Here are some pictures of what he has been up to. Enjoy!!

Bear skin rug fun- Holden really likes playing on this furry bear. If you look back at an earlier post titled Naked Baby Alert you can really tell how much he has grown. He really likes playing in his diaper only!
"Hey mommy. Take this outfit off so I can really have fun!!"

"Thanks!! I'm having fun now!!"

"Hey daddy! Check out my six pack abs!! Jealous, aren't you??"

Olympic Practice
He is so cute after he wakes up or when you change his diaper because he puts his hands over his head and stretches like he is about to do a filp or dive into the water like Michael Phelps.
He is sooooo long! Looks like we may have a tall boy!!

The Jumparoo- His feet barely touch the ground, but he can make it move. I know once he can touch the floor, he'll be jumping all the time! He likes to play in it for a little while at a time now.

"Hey mommy! This is pretty neat. "
So precious!!!

His stuffed monkey- Because we are already teething, he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. Here are some pics of Holden showing the monkey who is boss.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Shout outs to the family

WOW! A lot of celebrationg has been going on around our house. MeMe and Bossy(Jack's parents) celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on August 24 and MeMe's birthday was on August 27. She came down and spent the day with us. I made her lunch and Jack, Holden, me, and her had lunch together. We ate on our pretty china and used our silver. It was fun to get to celebrate with her and use our nice things. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!! We love y'all!!!

Grammy and Gram(my mom and fireman) came down for the weekend to visit and celebrate their anniversary on August 31. We had a great weekend with them and they babysat for us each night. Jack and I got to go to dinner Friday night with George Robert and Deidre to celebrate Deidre's birthday, and we went to watch the MSU football game with friends Saturday night. Thanks Grammy and Gram! Happy Anniversary! We love y'all!!