Monday, September 1, 2008

Shout outs to the family

WOW! A lot of celebrationg has been going on around our house. MeMe and Bossy(Jack's parents) celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on August 24 and MeMe's birthday was on August 27. She came down and spent the day with us. I made her lunch and Jack, Holden, me, and her had lunch together. We ate on our pretty china and used our silver. It was fun to get to celebrate with her and use our nice things. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!! We love y'all!!!

Grammy and Gram(my mom and fireman) came down for the weekend to visit and celebrate their anniversary on August 31. We had a great weekend with them and they babysat for us each night. Jack and I got to go to dinner Friday night with George Robert and Deidre to celebrate Deidre's birthday, and we went to watch the MSU football game with friends Saturday night. Thanks Grammy and Gram! Happy Anniversary! We love y'all!!

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