Friday, September 19, 2008

3-2: What a game!!!

Last weekend, we headed back to Starkville for the game. Our friends, Deidre, George Robert, and Mary Martin Booker stayed the weekend with us, along with another friend, Shari. The Bookers are Auburn Tiger fans and this made year number three that we attended this particular match up together. Ofcourse, the Walters and Shari are Dawg fans and we were so disappointed with the outcome. It was a great defensive showdown between the two teams and we had a chance to beat them. However, they ended up with a victory. The atmosphere at the game was the best it has been in a long time. Hopefully, we'll get things turned around tomorrow at GA Tech. Mary Martin and Holden stayed at the house with my mom(thanks grammy!!) so we could all go tailgate and go to the game. Here are some pictures of them. Instead of the saying a house divided, this is a friendship divided. I have to say though, Mary Martin almost made me want to cheer War Eagle when she walked out in her precious uniform! They are too cute!!!

Mary Martin says, "WAR EAGLE!!"

First photo attempt- they are too cute!!

The best we could do with a 4 month old and two year old.

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