Thursday, July 24, 2008


Deidre and Mary Martin are back after their long summer trip. (George Robert will be back in a few days) . We went over and hung out with Deidre's mom and them the other day. Holden was fascinated by Mary Martin. He would smile at her and talk to her. They will be good friends, I know. We had a great visit and are happy to have you back in town! It was great to see you too, DD!!

Mary Martin helped buckle Holden in! HOW CUTE!!! She is so precious and growing so fast!



11 weeks.....

Holden's 11 week stats-
13 lbs. and 24.5 inches long
I felt so guilty this morning. Holden woke up in the BEST mood. He was giggling and smiling. He had a good night without a lot of reflux and was a happy boy. I fed him and got him dressed because he had to go to the dr. for round 2 of his first set of shots. He was smiling in the waiting room and didn't mind when they weighed him. He even smiled at the nurse as she was giving him his oral rhotovirus vaccine. BUT that changed once she got him with the shot. It broke his heart and mine, too. He calmed down and gave me the "why did you let her do that to me mommy" look as I put him in his car seat to go. He fell asleep on the way home and has been napping off and on ever since. I did get some pics before we went.

Before the doctor.......

After the doctor (and 11 week monkey photo shoot)

"Enough already mama! Feed me and hold me!"--Poor baby!!

what's been going on lately!......Long post!!

I have waited until I have a lot to post again! Sorry! Here are some pics of Holden. He is so much fun!

Cooling off after being out in the heat at out first play date.
Thanks Jenny for letting us come!
Blue-eyed boy

Swinging and smiling!

Watching the mobile & trying to figure out how to get those things down.

Talking to mommy.

Chillin' in my bouncy seat!

Mama making me have tummy time. (he isn't a fan)


Chillin' in my bouncy again watching the Franklin cartoon.

"Hey mama...check out my muscles!"

What a smile!!!

He already had me wrapped, but now he makes my heart melt when he smiles at me!! Just wanted to share with ya!
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Another collage!

Holden is growing too fast!! We love this little boy so much! Isn't he precious??!!??
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9 weeks old and shots! (July 10)

O.k. so I haven't had a chance to post because my lil man is keeping me busy, but I am loving it!! So, please forgive the multiple posts! I have a few things to share!!

Last Thursday, July 10, Holden turned 9 weeks old and we celebrated with our first round of shots!! Poor baby! (or should I say poor mama?) He had a great check up. He is growing well and is above average in the weight category- 12.2 lbs! He cooed and talked to Dr. Brooks and put on a show. But then the shots came. We only received half then and go back for the other two next Thursday. Yay- more fun! It broke my heart when he started crying! (yes, i had tears too but managed to hold it together!) I was able to calm him down and he fell asleep. Thank you Lord!! Here he is showing off his big ole band aids!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Lots of firsts!!

The past two weeks have been filled with some firsts for Holden.

1. On his six week b-day, he and I had our first outing together without any help. He went with me to my 6 week check-up. Dr. Meck loved getting to see him and I LOVED showing him off!! I am so blessed to have such an awesome doctor!! SHE IS THE BEST!
On this day we all went out for dinner for the first time together...we went to Newks and sat outside b/c Holden loves being outside. When we got home, we went for our first stroller walk around the nieghborhood. Bless his heart. He was out like a light when bedtime came!!!

2. Holden got to grill out with his daddy. Well, not exactly but we were able to sit outside with Jack as he grilled. The next night we had our first dinner guests since Holden arrived. Our great friends, Jeremy & Sarah, came over and ate with us. Won't be long before their little one, Anna Claire, will be here to join us!!

The grill master and his mini me!!

3. Holden has started talking!!! Well, not actual talking, but he is babbling and cooing and it is precious! We noticed it one night when he was sitting in the bouncy seat. He started "talking'' to the birds attached to it. It was precious! He also realized during this time that if he kicked his legs he could make the seat move. He was kickin' it like Bruce Lee after that.

Talking to the birds

"Hey mommy. What are these things??"

Worn out from the kicking and talking!

4. Smiles and expressions!! He has started smiling a lot and he makes the cuteset expressions. It is almost as if he knows what you are saying. We love watching him and talking to him! He loves to be sung to and I act silly for him all the time. We are having soooo much fun!!

5. Acid reflux!!!! So we aren't too happy about this one. Bless his heart! It is so hard to see your child hurt and you can't do anything to help. He is on medicine now and we go to the doctor this Thursday for shots-:( and to see about the reflux.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I am a mommy who may share a little too much detail about her child's life but our families read this and want to know the details. AND I love being a mom!!!

Where does the time go???? 8 weeks already!!

Boy have things been busy the past couple of weeks. Holden is growing so fast and we discover something new every day about him. I have more pics from weeks 6 and 7 but the memory card they are on was sent to a professional camera shop to be developed because it had Jack's Scotland pics on it. So, I'll post those later along with the ones on my little camera that can't be uploaded because the cord no longer works. I was able to snap a couple of 8 week pics with another card for Jack's camera. O.K. I'm sure you could care less about the camera situation. No worries though because I will soon have my own digital camera that has a working cord so I can post lots of pics of our baby boy!

8 weeks old

"Watch out monkey! Mommy has that camera out again!!"

"Mommy, you're silly!! I'll give you a little smile!!"