Monday, July 7, 2008

Where does the time go???? 8 weeks already!!

Boy have things been busy the past couple of weeks. Holden is growing so fast and we discover something new every day about him. I have more pics from weeks 6 and 7 but the memory card they are on was sent to a professional camera shop to be developed because it had Jack's Scotland pics on it. So, I'll post those later along with the ones on my little camera that can't be uploaded because the cord no longer works. I was able to snap a couple of 8 week pics with another card for Jack's camera. O.K. I'm sure you could care less about the camera situation. No worries though because I will soon have my own digital camera that has a working cord so I can post lots of pics of our baby boy!

8 weeks old

"Watch out monkey! Mommy has that camera out again!!"

"Mommy, you're silly!! I'll give you a little smile!!"

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