Thursday, July 24, 2008

11 weeks.....

Holden's 11 week stats-
13 lbs. and 24.5 inches long
I felt so guilty this morning. Holden woke up in the BEST mood. He was giggling and smiling. He had a good night without a lot of reflux and was a happy boy. I fed him and got him dressed because he had to go to the dr. for round 2 of his first set of shots. He was smiling in the waiting room and didn't mind when they weighed him. He even smiled at the nurse as she was giving him his oral rhotovirus vaccine. BUT that changed once she got him with the shot. It broke his heart and mine, too. He calmed down and gave me the "why did you let her do that to me mommy" look as I put him in his car seat to go. He fell asleep on the way home and has been napping off and on ever since. I did get some pics before we went.

Before the doctor.......

After the doctor (and 11 week monkey photo shoot)

"Enough already mama! Feed me and hold me!"--Poor baby!!

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