Monday, July 7, 2008

Lots of firsts!!

The past two weeks have been filled with some firsts for Holden.

1. On his six week b-day, he and I had our first outing together without any help. He went with me to my 6 week check-up. Dr. Meck loved getting to see him and I LOVED showing him off!! I am so blessed to have such an awesome doctor!! SHE IS THE BEST!
On this day we all went out for dinner for the first time together...we went to Newks and sat outside b/c Holden loves being outside. When we got home, we went for our first stroller walk around the nieghborhood. Bless his heart. He was out like a light when bedtime came!!!

2. Holden got to grill out with his daddy. Well, not exactly but we were able to sit outside with Jack as he grilled. The next night we had our first dinner guests since Holden arrived. Our great friends, Jeremy & Sarah, came over and ate with us. Won't be long before their little one, Anna Claire, will be here to join us!!

The grill master and his mini me!!

3. Holden has started talking!!! Well, not actual talking, but he is babbling and cooing and it is precious! We noticed it one night when he was sitting in the bouncy seat. He started "talking'' to the birds attached to it. It was precious! He also realized during this time that if he kicked his legs he could make the seat move. He was kickin' it like Bruce Lee after that.

Talking to the birds

"Hey mommy. What are these things??"

Worn out from the kicking and talking!

4. Smiles and expressions!! He has started smiling a lot and he makes the cuteset expressions. It is almost as if he knows what you are saying. We love watching him and talking to him! He loves to be sung to and I act silly for him all the time. We are having soooo much fun!!

5. Acid reflux!!!! So we aren't too happy about this one. Bless his heart! It is so hard to see your child hurt and you can't do anything to help. He is on medicine now and we go to the doctor this Thursday for shots-:( and to see about the reflux.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I am a mommy who may share a little too much detail about her child's life but our families read this and want to know the details. AND I love being a mom!!!


danielle polk said...

Okay, just gotta say that I am ready for another baby. I love that Cdawg is big and everything (and he's still my baby), but when you start talkin' about babbling and cooing I just can't take it :)

The Pieroni Family said...

congrats to you and your new family!

David, Shelley, and Conner said...

How precious...:) He really HAS grown up, and I just love that smile he gave his momma in the post below. Cute, cute!! You're doing a great job!!!

I'm glad you get to stay home with him and enjoy each moment along the way...they pass by so quickly!

Jason, Cathy, and Claire said...

I did not know you had a blog and I am so glad I found it!! Holden is PRECIOUS!! I am so glad things are going great!!

deidre, george robert & mary martin said...

i was about to comment and say,"come on mama, post some new pictures!" but no worries, we'll just see the real thing in a few days!! can't wait to see both of you (and of course jack too!)it's been too long!