Friday, July 18, 2008

9 weeks old and shots! (July 10)

O.k. so I haven't had a chance to post because my lil man is keeping me busy, but I am loving it!! So, please forgive the multiple posts! I have a few things to share!!

Last Thursday, July 10, Holden turned 9 weeks old and we celebrated with our first round of shots!! Poor baby! (or should I say poor mama?) He had a great check up. He is growing well and is above average in the weight category- 12.2 lbs! He cooed and talked to Dr. Brooks and put on a show. But then the shots came. We only received half then and go back for the other two next Thursday. Yay- more fun! It broke my heart when he started crying! (yes, i had tears too but managed to hold it together!) I was able to calm him down and he fell asleep. Thank you Lord!! Here he is showing off his big ole band aids!

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