Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The big 3-0!!

Well Friday, October 17 was my 30th birthday! I must say, I wasn't sure how I truly felt about turning 30. No longer being in my 20's kind of scared me. Don't know why, but it did. However, once the day arrived, I realized how fortunate I was to be turning 30 and to have all my dreams come true. I have a wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally, a beautiful miracle in Holden, my loving yorkie, WONDERFUL family, the GREATEST friends in the world, a fabulous home, and great health. So, it ended up being the best birthday yet! I look forward to my next 30 years, which I know will be even better!!
How did I celebrate??--
Thursday- I got a massage.
Friday- I changed my hair- I am now a dark blonde with shorter, more fun hair thanks to my friend Heather who owns Oasis salon and spa in Pearl!! Then, I went home and spent the day with my little man and mom. Jack was on call.
Saturday- We all went to lunch and mom, H, and I went browsing at Target. Then, Jack took me to Atlantica Grill which was YUMMY!!! When, we got back home, several of my sweet friends surprised me with a party. Jack had arranged it, with some help, and it was great. Jack apologizes to those of you he was unable to reach. He was trying to get email addresses off of some old emails I had sent so he missed a few of you!! They had another cake and balloons and gifts for me. I felt like a kid again!! SOOOOO much fun!!

Friday's activities pics: Hanging out with my baby boy and mom. Mom was taking the pics so she isn't in any.(boo)? I LOVE the first picture of us playing. We have so much fun!!

The bottom, middle picture shows Holden jamming his hand into the side of the cake. I had to act fast to get the chocolate off of his hands before it made it to his mouth.

Saturday's activites pics:
First pic is Holden at lunch decked out in his MSU attire. Iguess he knew what the outcome of that night's game would be. Notice the facial expression! The collage is pics from the evening. They had balloons and 30 curly ribbon everywhere!! Thanks guys!! It really meant a lot to me having you there and thanks for the GREAT presents!! Sorry to all the men....I didn't get any up close pictures of the guys, but that could be due to the fact they were busy watching the game. Boys will be boys!! :)

AND ......thanks to all who text, called, e-mailed, or sent me a card!! It was such a memorable birthday!!

More 5 months pics

Little man has quite the personality these days! He is so animated and has a new trick each day. Here are some things he is doing or enjoys these days:
*He can hug and snuggle which melts mommy's heart!!
* He loves outside- strolling, swinging, sitting
*He smiles and laughs a lot now, especially when you tickle him
*He can sit unsupported for a little bit but usually falls forward when he reaches for a toy.
* He has great hand/eye coordination and reaches for everything!
*He rolled over once last week but looks at me like I am crazy when I try to get him to do it again.
*He is enjoying tummy time a tiny bit more now and can push up on his arms when he wants to.(key words being when he wants to! :))
*He likes his jumparoo/excersaucer mush more these days. He looks like a little rabbit jumping around and he figured out how to spin himself around. He will stay in that thing for a while now.
*He still loves food!! (now 17lbs 6 oz.)
*He loves music, especially on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Backyardigans.
*He is not happy with mommy at times now because i am trying to get him on a schedule to help with his sleep. (hardest thing I have EVER done. Thanks for your support Sarah!!)

Tummy time- Pops(my daddy) would be proud of Holden's piano skills!!(click to make larger)


The Bankstons gave this outfit to Holden. He looks so cute in it and I couldn't resist turning the hat sideways!!

Holden and Bossy(Jack's daddy) at the Vandy game

Holden passed out in his stroller after tailgating with everyone.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5 months old

5 months old
17 pounds
( I just LOVE that buddha belly!!)
Our baby boy turned 5 months old on October 8! He is such a sweetie!! We haven't taken a monkey picture in a while so I decided to do a photo shoot with monkey. Well, now that Mr. H can grab things, it was a little bit harder to get one. I put together the following collage. The picture of him in the blue outfit was when he was about 6 weeks old. It is amazing to see how much he has grown and changed.(click on it to make it larger)

I thought I would share some of the things he really likes these days. First off, we started stage one foods a couple of weeks ago. He LOVES applesauce, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, and pears. He DOES NOT like bananas. He is NOT SURE about green peas. We plan to try peaches and green beans soon. Here are some pictures of him eating his fruits and veggies. He still loves his rice cereal!

Check back soon....more 5 month updates to come!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lots to share!!

I know I don't have to share every picture we take, but Holden has taken some precious pictures lately!! Excuse how many I am about to post! I am one proud mommy!! Two weeks ago, we went to the dr. for the rest of our second round of shots. Bless his little heart...he had a little reaction to them and was up most of that night and ran fever on into the next night. He was a trooper, though! He weighed 16 lbs. 4 oz. then and was over 25 inches long. He is growing!!

"Am I cool or what?"- taking a stroll with mommy and cookie

Hard day of playing

After shots Sick baby- day after his shots

Holden's first trip to pick out pumpkinsHappy with his pumpkin choices

Bath time!!

"Where are we going now mom?"