Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More 5 months pics

Little man has quite the personality these days! He is so animated and has a new trick each day. Here are some things he is doing or enjoys these days:
*He can hug and snuggle which melts mommy's heart!!
* He loves outside- strolling, swinging, sitting
*He smiles and laughs a lot now, especially when you tickle him
*He can sit unsupported for a little bit but usually falls forward when he reaches for a toy.
* He has great hand/eye coordination and reaches for everything!
*He rolled over once last week but looks at me like I am crazy when I try to get him to do it again.
*He is enjoying tummy time a tiny bit more now and can push up on his arms when he wants to.(key words being when he wants to! :))
*He likes his jumparoo/excersaucer mush more these days. He looks like a little rabbit jumping around and he figured out how to spin himself around. He will stay in that thing for a while now.
*He still loves food!! (now 17lbs 6 oz.)
*He loves music, especially on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Backyardigans.
*He is not happy with mommy at times now because i am trying to get him on a schedule to help with his sleep. (hardest thing I have EVER done. Thanks for your support Sarah!!)

Tummy time- Pops(my daddy) would be proud of Holden's piano skills!!(click to make larger)


The Bankstons gave this outfit to Holden. He looks so cute in it and I couldn't resist turning the hat sideways!!

Holden and Bossy(Jack's daddy) at the Vandy game

Holden passed out in his stroller after tailgating with everyone.

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