Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I know he is mine, but he is just so precious!

I have a lot I want to blog about but not a lot of time right now. So, I will just share a few pictures of my little sidekick. He turned 22 months on March 8! How can it be possible that my baby will be 2 in just two months?!?!?!? I promise I think my heart triples in size every day for him. We are so thankful for him! Hope all is well in your world!! :)

Holden LOVES cars, trucks, and tractors. Jack's old matchbox
cars are his favorite right now.

My little fishy! He LOVES his baths! We plan to start swim class
soon. I have a feeling we will be swimming a lot this summer!

Enjoying some ro-tel dip

Multitasking- doing a little farming, eating,
and television watching all at once!

Holden's new camera face.....every time I take out the camera, he makes this face and says,"Chess" which means cheese of course!