Monday, September 8, 2008

Big Weekend

We had been looking forward to our first MSU game for so long because it would be Holden's first MSU experience. Poor baby and I ended up at the doctor's office Friday morning because he hadn't been able to eat or sleep well for most of the week. One thing I know about baby boy is that he LOVES to eat! So, when he couldn't and cried because he wanted to, we knew something was up. He has been on medicine for a while for reflux and it had helped most of the time. Well, the reflux has gotten worse and we have stepped it up on the meds(Prevacid). Hopefully, once it gets in his little system soon, he will be better. While we were there, she went ahead and gave him the first round of his second shots. So, now the reflux and shots made him not feel well. But, sweet little man still charmed the ladies at Walgreens when we went to get his medicine! Needless to say he was worn out by the time we headed to Starkville. All mommy wanted was for him to feel better! Well, bless his little heart...we gave him malox and tylenol and he went to sleep at about 8:45 and slept until 4 am!!!!!!! I checked to make sure he was breathing a few times because he was so sound asleep. He and I both needed that!! :)
We got up and while I got ready to go tailgate, Jack and Holden watched college game day together on ESPN. I got the cutest pics of them!! Meme and Bossy also played with Holden while we were getting ready. I must say, Holden looked extremely cute in his MSU outfit. We walked around and introduced him to lots of friends and by game time, he was exhausted. He wouldn't nap all day because he was watching everything that was going on. He was so good although the only pics we got of him make it look like he was not interested. Hopefully we will get some better pictures of him this weekend. Meme took him back to their house and we stayed and watched the Dawgs win.(THANK GOD!) Here are some pictures from our trip.
My boys watching college gameday.
Mommy and her Little Bulldog!

Family Pictures

Uncle Brad and Holden-
(Brad is Jack's good friend, and he has been so sweet to Holden!)

Uncle Brad, Holden, and Maren

Sunday with Meme on the swing- Poor baby was worn out!!!

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