Wednesday, September 3, 2008

15 weeks-August 28

15 weeks old
Little man weighed 14 pounds 10 ounces on his 15 week birthday. He is so precious!! Here are some pictures of what he has been up to. Enjoy!!

Bear skin rug fun- Holden really likes playing on this furry bear. If you look back at an earlier post titled Naked Baby Alert you can really tell how much he has grown. He really likes playing in his diaper only!
"Hey mommy. Take this outfit off so I can really have fun!!"

"Thanks!! I'm having fun now!!"

"Hey daddy! Check out my six pack abs!! Jealous, aren't you??"

Olympic Practice
He is so cute after he wakes up or when you change his diaper because he puts his hands over his head and stretches like he is about to do a filp or dive into the water like Michael Phelps.
He is sooooo long! Looks like we may have a tall boy!!

The Jumparoo- His feet barely touch the ground, but he can make it move. I know once he can touch the floor, he'll be jumping all the time! He likes to play in it for a little while at a time now.

"Hey mommy! This is pretty neat. "
So precious!!!

His stuffed monkey- Because we are already teething, he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. Here are some pics of Holden showing the monkey who is boss.

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