Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playdates and the park

" think this is against safety regulations so could you get me out of here!" Anna Claire seemed pretty happy!
My friend Sarah and I have been getting together pretty regularly since she had Anna Claire. It has been good for us to talk, compare notes, and let the kids get to know each other. Recently, we have started meeting at the park with some other friends since the weather has been nice. It is so good to talk to other moms and let our kids have a break, too! Holden LOVES other children so he really enjoys it.
We are very lucky to have a nice park at the entrance to our subdivision. Holden and I stroll there a lot and he is beginning to like the swings, although he wasn't too sure at first!
AND we love when we have visits from other good friends!! Jack and I are blessed with so many great friends, and it is nice to know that Holden has some good friends, too!
At the park with mommy-
First time in the swings


"O.K..this isn't so bad!"

Play group a the park-
"Not quite sure about this mom!"
Anna Claire was enjoying herself!

My friend Susan's baby boy Eli was with us, too. He is a little too young for swinging though.

Visiting with Bootsie, GG, Mrs. Ashley, and Meredith-

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April said...

Love these pics. The swing pictures are too cute! He is growing so fast!