Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a busy day. I decided that we needed to make cookies for Santa since it was Holden's first Christmas while I was making a homemade chocolate cake to take to Christmas Day dinner with my family. I rolled out the dough and cut some cookies out. Holden patted out a few of the cookies(with a little help from Meme) and we decorated them when they came out of the oven. I think he liked putting his hand in the dough! I look forward to baking with him a lot!! The day was filled with preparing for the night's in-laws always have family and friends over for chili and hot tamales after Christmas Eve service. It's always so fun because both of our parents are there, and it is fun seeing everyone! We went to Christmas Eve service at the Methodist church and it was BEAUTIFUL as always. I got choked up during "O Holy Night"(thanks Aubrey!!) and Holden did GREAT!! He fell asleep at the beginning, slept through me carrying him through the communion line and through the service until the end. He woke up as we were standing with our candles to sing. He started babbling very loudly(he was singing) but stopped when we all stopped singing! Is he smart or what?? It was so special for Jack and me to be at our home church with our precious son!!! After everyone left that night, we helped Santa with a few much fun!! Thank you Lord for the miracle of your Son and ours, too!!
Cookie time!!

Before church

Precious Holden

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