Saturday, April 11, 2009


Holden did great with the Easter bunny. At first he just looked at him, but then he decided he liked him.(he did the same thing with Santa) Here are the pics from our visit with the bunny. We met Sarah & Anna Claire and Cat & Jack there. I will be marathon blogging soon!! Our precious little man is 11 months old and will soon be 1 year!!! Time flies when you're having fun!! Hope you all have a blessed Easter!!



Holden and Anna Claire chatting while waiting .

Anna Claire with the bunny

Jack and his ducky

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David, Shelley, and Conner said...

Those are so cute!! And...I'm glad to see Miss Anna Claire! She's beautiful!!

Okay, I figured out why you can't click on your pictures/collages to enlarge them, I think. :) I remember going through the same thing. When you post a picture/collage, don't choose the 'center' option, choose 'none'...then when you edit your post, you can center all the pictures and words. That should work. Let me know if it does...let's cross our fingers!!! ;)