Thursday, June 19, 2008


O.K. So I had good intentions of taking his picture each week with this monkey to show how he is growing. Now that things are getting in more of a routine, maybe I will be able to do this each week. SO, here he is on his 5 week birthday. He wasn't really into a photo shoot at the time.

Holden is becoming more alert and having more awake time. He makes the cutest little faces!! He is changing so much and continues to be a joy!!

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Poor Mr. Wilson! He has done really well adjusting, but he does miss being center of attention!! My Aunt Sharon is a nurse at the Clarksdale hospital and she sent us lots of free diapers!(THANKS SO MUCH!!) My mom was unpacking them while she was here, and Wilson wanted some attention so he laid down in the middle of the diapers and would not move. Bless his heart!!

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