Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Week 1

Here is Holden's first bath at three days old. He did what little boys are known for when we were changing him and he soaked himself, me, and the changing table so we decided to head to the bath. Ofcourse, it was only a sponge bath due to the cord and circumcision. How precious is he? These are still two of our favorite pics!!

Well, when we went for Holden's two day check up at the hospital, his billie ruben level was high which meant that he had jaundice. We had to take the billie blanket home and keep him on it for three days. He did really well with it, especially since it was attached to him at all times, except when he had a diaper change. He looked so cute in his diaper and billie blanket. We called him glow baby because it had a fluorescent light that made him glow.

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