Thursday, February 17, 2011

We're back...... and more updates coming soon!!!

Cowboy Holden.....recent picture

Melts my heart seeing my boys!! Jack is such a sweet daddy!

Yes, it has been forever since I posted but A LOT has happened over the past 8 months!!! Don't worry....I am not going to do 8 months worth of posting!! I do have a few things to share and plan on doing so in a very condensed fashion as we are preparing to welcome our twin daughters into the world sometime in the next 4 weeks!!! Thought I would post a few pics of Holden. He is such a funny, smart, sweet, and ALL BOY boy!!! Discipline is becoming harder mainly because he has developed his independence and wants to do things his way at times! I spend my days tearing up at his sweet self, cracking up at his funny self, or wanting to pinch his little head off because of his testing mommy self. He is still such a joy and mommy's heart walking around with two legs!! I am trying to enjoy every minute with him right now. I am having that "mommy guilt" about how having two new little ones will affect him. I have been reassured that this is completely normal and that he will be fine!! I really think he will be a good big brother and helper! I am so thankful for my time with him, just the two of us, and but I look forward to many wonderful times we will all have once his sisters arrive! God gave me the desire to be a mommy and now He is blessing me beyond my wildest dreams!!! Praise HIM!!!!!!!
( I did decide to share some pics from the past months!)

Orange Beach Vacation-June

H is ready to go to the pool!

Holden and Anna Claire on our vacation....bff's!

Yes, that is my son giving Obama a high five. He was at Tacky Jacks in Orange Beach when we were. DON'T agree with his politics but how many people can say they high-fived a president??

July- just playing

August- School(mother's morning out) picture day

September-Holden came home as a squirrel...he isn't picking his nose!! I just snapped the pic as he was putting his hand up!

October- GO DAWGS!

October-Pumpkin Patch on mommy's birthday!
(excuse mommy...she had just had her pic/i.v. line removed two days before!)

Halloween!! Mommy and her lion

November-watching the DAWGS play on t.v. while enjoying some ro-tel dip!

November-Seeing Mickey Mouse with GG, Meme, and Mommy

Thanksgiving Feast at MMO

Thanksgiving Day- looking through the toy catalog to make his list for Santa!

December-playing with his Gator at Meme's and Boss' house

Building with blocks......loves it!

December- just chillin'

January- grilling while daddy grills(I LOVE this picture!)


Cat said...

I loved reading this. I loved the pic of y'all at the beach. And AC and H's matching outfits! Too cute! some of those pics were just crackin me up b/c i know Holden. He's so precious! Love you and will miss you SOOO much. I can't even think about it. :(

Meaghan and Wes said...

Hey Missy! I just hopped over from another blog...Holden is so cute and I can't wait to see pics of the girls in a few weeks!