Monday, June 28, 2010

Holden's Birthday

As I said in an earlier post, I can't believe my sweet baby is 2! We started the day with a candle in a donut hole( do hos as Holden called them) and singing Happy Birthday. I was too busy filming that to take pictures. Here is Holden when I went in to get him up that morning.

"NO photos this early mom....a fella needs his morning milk first!!"

We had Holden's birthday party at The Play Place in Ridgeland. It was sooooooo much fun! I was not stressed one bit and the kids really enjoyed themselves! Holden LOVES the Backyardigans so we went with that as a theme. Jenny Holloway did Holden's invitation(she did his last year!) and birthday banner and Emily Witcher did some thank you notes and treat bag stickers for me. They both have fabulous custom invitation, etc. businesses. I made the character cupcakes, cake, and cookies for the favors. Poor Holden's cake wasn't my best but by the time I had done the cupcakes and 50 cookies, I was running out of steam. He seemed to love them though! In keeping with the backyard adventure theme, the treat bags were filled with bubbles, play doh, stickers, sidewalk chalk, balls(4 boys) or paddle ball sets(4 girls), sunglasses-all of which are perfect for backyard adventures and a cookie and juice box for snack because at the end of every episode, the characters have some kind of snack. The stickers on the bags said "Some backyard activities just for to say thanks for celebrating Holden turning 2." Can you tell I got a little carried away?!?!? It is just so much fun celebrating your child's birthday!! I put together some photo collages to condense the number of pictures I took and wanted to share.(Double click to enlarge)

The precious invitation and banner! Thanks Jenny!!

Guests enjoying the play place


Birthday cake time!! Notice how happy H was when he blew out the candle.

Present time after nap....H passed out on the way home from the party.

Hanging out with family and Sara Chesley that afternoon!

Holden loved the juice boxes! We probably could have given him a case of juice boxes instead of anything else and he would have been happy!! I usually water down his juice so he was very happy to be getting "straight" juice. He had about 6 or 7 throughout the day. Let's just say he had a big surprise for me before bedtime! I love the pic of him staring at the juice box while sitting on the slide. That was his last one and I guess he was trying to enjoy it!

Disclaimer....I shared a lot of detail because we have lots of family that could not attend and I wanted them to be well informed!

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