Monday, December 8, 2008

November- Our Delta visits

We made a couple of quick trips to the Delta in November. We hadn't been home since August so it was time. Our first trip was to Clarksdale and Marks to visit with family and to attend Delta Academy's Most Beautiful pageant. Mary Susan's little sister, Valerie is a senior and was in the pageant. I did her hair and makeup two years ago when she was in it and placed 1st alternate(she should have won) and she asked me to do it again this year. She was job was easy-she is so beautiful just as she is so we just highlighted her features. She really didn't need me! Mary Susan is one of my oldest and dearest friends(thats why she is Holden's Godmother) and we have been friends since Valerie was only a few months old so I feel like Val is my little sister. Boy did I feel old sitting there watching grown up, 17 year old Valerie compete. She was 1st alternate again(she REALLY should have won) and we were all so happy. We were also able to spend some time with my parents, Jack's parents and with some of my mom's brothers and sisters and with some other friends. Our second trip was to Cleveland for Mary Susan's 30th birthday. She was really surprised, and it was a lot of fun hanging out with friends. Time flew by on both trips, though!! I didn't get any pics of Mary Susan's party due to a dead camera and we missed some other photo opps too. Enjoy the pictures we were able to take!
My Uncle Lynn, Uncle Andy, and Aunt Sharon with Holden (no, Holden isn't upset because his Uncle Andy is an Ole Miss fan :)...he is tired of me trying to get my camera to work!!)

Holden and Grammy(my mom)

Bossy(jack's daddy) and Holden-Holden looks like his mini me at times!

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