Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Christening- August 10

Being a mom is such a wonderful gift. Holden is such a joy, and Jack and I are truly blessed. Standing in front of the altar, minister, and church congregation as we watched Holden being christened and pledging to raise him in a Godly home was such an amazing and emotional experience! What an honor to make our committment as parents to the Heavenly Father from whom our little miracle came. Thank you God for loving us and for our little man!

Holden's Godfather, Will Estess, and his sweet wife Maggie were unable to attend. They are expecting twin boys ANY day! We missed y'all, but we look forward to meeting Ethan and Chase very soon!!

I created a slideshow of christening pictures. It was such a special day! We had the Christening and Holden wore Jack's christening gown(so precious). Then Jack's parents hosted a beautiful luncheon at the Country Club, which we appreciated so much!! I wish I had taken more pictures. I didn't get any great pictures of the tables at the luncheon or of every guest who shared this day with us. Jack and I apprecited everyone taking time to be there with us. Hope you enjoy watching it.

Disclaimer: I am aware that I mispelled altar in the slideshow. I will fix it once I have time to do so. Sorry!

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danielle polk said...

Missy that little boy of yours gets cuter every time you post new pictures! He is beautiful... and I know cute kids when I see 'em cause I got one myself ;)