Thursday, August 7, 2008

12 weeks-Thursday, July 31(a week late ofcourse)

Happy Baby!! Things have been really busy for us! Jack has been working a lot(more nights recently)so Holden and I have been playing a lot and hanging out. That's why it has taken me a while. We have also been visiting with my friends who have been getting ready for school to start. Holden has already spent a lot of time in a classroom. He even took a nap on top of one of sweet Sue Rives' tables. Don't worry. I was right there and he was in a secure snuggle buns that my friend Stephanie's mom makes. They are great for traveling. Holden is so much fun! He is cooing and talking a lot more, has lots of strength in his little legs, great control of his neck and back, and is growing too fast!! It is hard to put into words the joy he has brought into our lives. God has truly blessed us! We have a sip and see and his Christening this weekend in Clarksdale so check back for those pictures and for his 13 week picture(which today is 13 weeks). Hope you enjoy.

12 week photo shoot--
"Oh, it's you again."

"I'm trying to sit like the monkey mommy!"

"You're silly mommy!!
"O.K. I have had enough!"Pre-photo shoot:
Chillin' in the bouncy seat
"Please don't make me do another photo shoot!"

Other pictures from the week:

Look at that physique!!

Hanging out with my buddies Susan Puckett(Bootsie) and Sue Rives(GG)

Napping on his first visit to school in GG's room :)

Too tired after his day at school

Chatting with Mary Martin

Taking his bath in the next position! No longer a newborn !(he loves it!!)

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Mitch and Cindy said...

He is getting so big, so fast! Are you coming Monday? Please bring the snuggle buns. I think I want one of those! Too cute!