Friday, January 16, 2009

Where did December and half of January go??

Hello!! We are still alive and things are great although the past month and a half seem like a blur!! I have a lot to post so be prepared for several posts in the next few days. I got a new camera for Christmas but I have to get a card reader in order to upload pics so that may take a few days, too. Anyways, Christmas was sooooo much fun with Holden!! Being a mother made me appreciate the Christmas story even more! I found myself choking up a lot when I would hear songs or sermons about Mary, Joseph, and the miracle of Jesus. Faith Hill's "A Baby Changes Everything" really got me! We are all nervous, scared, anxious, etc when expecting but imagine being in Mary's shoes. If that happened today, imagine the controversy. She would be given a one way ticket to a mental institution. Anyways, the Lord works wonders and miracles in many ways...I'm just thankful for his sacrifices that allow me, a sinner, to be blessed daily!! I'll stop my preaching now! I had to share what had been placed on my heart!:)
Around the first of December, Holden and I met Deidre and Mary Martin at Northpark Mall for pictures with Santa. I wasn't sure how Holden would like Santa, but figured we would give it a try! Well, he LOVED Santa. He dove in his lap and loved it! The pictures were great!! Sweet Mary Martin wasn't a big fan but she is older and I can see how Santa can be scary. Holden probably won't like him next year! It was fun to experience our first Santa visit with special friends!! Here are some pics!!

My favorite!!! How cute?!?!
Take 2....liked this one, too!!

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