Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holden the Goldfish

Holden was so precious in his goldfish costume. He really enjoyed watching the trick or treaters. We all sat on our front porch and gave out candy, until we ran out. We have never lived in a neighborhood with trick or treaters before so I wasn't sure how much candy I should purchase. I spent a small fortune on candy and still made a little kid cry when we ran out. I felt like such a dog!! We know now how much to buy and Jack learned not to give big handfuls of candy to each kid. Anyways, Holden's first costume experience went pretty well. Hope you enjoy seeing our lil fishy!!

"O.K. I have had enough!!"
"RELIEF!!" "Ahhh...Ilove my Halloween jammers!!"


David, Shelley, and Conner said...

Okay, that's one of the cutest costumes I've seen!! Holden has such a sweet little smile! :) I love keeping up with your family. Glad to see y'all are doing well!

Jason, Cathy, and Claire said...

He is so precious and looks adorable as a goldfish! Glad things are going so great! I know you are enjoying staying home with your sweet little man!

MollieWalker said...

He is the cutest goldfish I have ever seen! Too precious!!!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the goldfish costume...he is getting so big! we miss yall. hope everything in jackson is going ok! love ya-caroline hogan

D said...

hey i didn't have your email- but i'm making my blog private so i wanted to send you an invite. email me at and i'll put ya on the list!
p.s.... of course holden is waaay cute :)