Sunday, November 30, 2008

6 months- November 8 (a little late)

Holden-6 months
Holden posed himself.....he put his arm on vampire pumpkin's arm.

WOW!! Where did November go?!?! It went by way too quickly!! Holden was 6 months old on November 8. He weighed 18 pounds and was 26 inches long at our doctor's visit. He is such a joy! He is sitting on his on now...we started the month with him needing a little support but now he is completely independent with sitting. He can sit and play with his toys forever. He is such a happy and social baby. Whenever we take him somewhere, he just looks around and talks to people and flirts with the ladies. yes, I have a "ladies man" on my hands. He loves to feel different textures and can give the best sugar. He also gives himself sugar on a mirror when you say "give the baby sugar." He is now in his rubber ducky bath tub and loves to play with his disco ducks that light up while taking his bath.(thanks fran!) He is so vocal now and is learning new sounds and pitches. He also loves music....guess he doesn't have much choice with parents like us! He reaches for me and for Jack(which melts our hearts) and when Jack comes in at night, Holden kicks his legs and waves his arms because he is so excited to see his daddy. He is really thinking about crawling although he hasn't quite figured out how to do it yet. He is fascinated by Wilson but the feeling is NOT mutual. Hopefully, that will change. He is reaches for everything and has quite a powerful grip...he has grabbed many handfuls of mommy's hair. He still LOVES to watch football. He will stop what he is doing to watch. Again, we are so blessed to have such a sweet and healthy baby!! I only wish I could freeze time for a bit. :) Check back for more 6 month and Thanksgiving pics. I hope to have them posted in a day or so.(atleast by Christmas..ha!ha!)

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cutie pie :) hope y'all are likin' the shade!