Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby on the way!!!

We are so excited right now! I was supposed to be induced yesterday(tues) but my doctor rescheduled for tomorrow(thurs). I was disappointed because I have reached the miserable stage. Well, as I sat there this morning after yet another night of no sleep, my phone rang. It was my doctor's nurse who said that Dr. Meck wanted me to come on in tonight to be induced. I don't think I have moved that quickly in months!! I said "praise the Lord" and the sweet nurse said "amen to that!" So, looks like we'll get this party started tonight! My good friend, Deidre, is going to post a picture as soon as she can! I can't wait to meet him! Thank you Lord for getting us here! Check back to meet baby Holden!!!

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danielle polk said...

I know with sweet Holden on his way (Tonight! Ashley told me :) you won't have time to read this for a while but I was stalkin' blogs and found yours on Deidre Bookers. I had no idea either of you had blogs! Anyway, I was blessed to read your blessings- I love when people brag on God, AND I can't wait to see some cute pictures of baby Holden. He can't help but be beautiful- look at his mama and daddy! So when you get a chance check out my blog, and you can read all about being a stay at home mama. It's the best! So fun to find people in blog world..