Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let it snow!!(February 12)

Friday was quite eventful around our house! Holden saw the snow first thing that morning through our backdoor and started sayng,"wow!!" I have to admit, I was thinking wow myself! Snow covered everything and was steadily coming down. It had been a long time since I had seen that much snow. So, once I had him wrapped up like a mummy in layers of clothes and his brand new rain boots on, we headed out. The snow continued to fall the whole time we were out there. Holden loved it! He ran around talking up a storm(not sure what all he was saying) and enjoyed throwing snowballs. I tried to build a snowman but my little helper kept knocking it over. I managed to build a tiny, pitiful looking snowman and snapped a picture of it before Holden knocked it over. Holden was NOT a fan of sitting in the snow. The snow was up to the top of his boots so that tripped him up a few times. We stayed outside a while and when I couldn't feel my hands any longer and the snow started falling harder, we went inside. Holden WAS NOT happy about that! He would stay outside all day, every day no matter what the temperature or conditions were if I would let him. I am really gad he loves being outside, but I didn't want my baby to turn into a popsicle! He stopped crying when I opened his Valentine cookie(yes, it was a bribe). He and I sat on the kitchen floor, watched the snow fall, and enjoyed the yummy cookie! I love watching him experience things each day, and I am very grateful I get to!!

Smiling a big smile(although you can't see it)

Snow was a boot deep! :)

Not a fan of being in the snow

Poor snowman

And poor Holden!

Cookie made it all better!

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